Friday, August 26, 2011

Raspberry Lemonade

I had a few requests as to what we served in the pitcher for Lily's Birthday.  We served the easiest Raspberry Lemonade that was quite tasty if you ask me!  It was a cinch to put together and everyone at the party really enjoyed it.  So here's the recipe my friends...

1 Liter Sprite
1 (12 fl oz) Frozen Raspberry Lemonade (I used Minute Maid)
3 cans of water
1 1/2 bags of Frozen Raspberries
3 Lemons (sliced thin)

In a large bowl, mix together the frozen lemonade and water.  Pour into drink pitcher.  Mix in the sprite, frozen raspberries, and lemons.  Add a few cup of ice cubes and give it a good stir and Voila! You have yourself the simplest and tastiest Raspberry Lemonade!


  1. Sound delicious, and it's such a gorgeous color!

  2. mmm perfect drink to sip on by the pool on a hot tx afternoon!

  3. Mmmm sounds delish! I love using sprite in different flavored drinks!

  4. I was one of the ones that asked so thank you very much it sounds delicious!

  5. Oh so refreshing and delicious. And pretty!

  6. What a delightful and refreshing Summer drink!


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