Friday, June 17, 2011

Dresser Inspiration

This is by far my favorite so far! I love the yellow against the Gray wall. (Photo Found Here)
Yesterday I was out and about running some errands when I passed by a thrift store and some amazing deal caught my eye!  So, let me rewind for a second.  Before The Hubs and I moved to Texas we sold our main dresser, and donated the other one to a garage sale for a fundraiser. So needless to say, we are in need of a dresser.  

Even though where we are living right now, The Hubs company provides furniture for us, I always have my eyes open for a good deal.  And lets just say, man did I get a deal today or what!  I got a 9 drawer dresser, a tall boy dresser with 6 large drawers, and an adorable matching nightstand all for a whopping $125.00 including delivery!  These dressers are made by Thomasville and are in great condition!  They have great detail and I think will look amazing once I can decide on a color and maybe some fresh new knobs.

I sadly didn't grab any photos before I posted this, but here are some Inspiration Photos that I found on the web. Let me know what you guys think and what your favorite ones are.

Love this shiny color from Restoration Hardware
LOVE this Turquoise color! (Image from The Little Green Notebook)
Love the Black with the silver handles. Looks great with the Chevron rug also. (This is a lot like the style of the tall boy dresser that I scored)(Image via House of Turquoise)
I really love the powder pink hue of this dresser. Perfect for a little girls room. (Image also House of Turquoise)
Wondering if I should just stain both pieces a dark espresso finish like this one? (image via Walmart)
What do you guys think? Which one is your favorite?  Since they were such a good deal I'm feeling maybe do something fun and bold? Or should I just stay safe and do something classy?


  1. LOVE the yellow dresser!!! I'm with ya...when you come across a good deal, you can't pass it up :)

  2. The yellow dresser is AMAZING.

  3. I love the black with the handles. But that yellow speaks to me too!

  4. So gorgeous - it's always GREAT to find a fabulous deal - well done you!!
    Mary x

  5. Wow!!!! That yellow dresser is unreal!!!!

  6. Thanks you guys! The yellow one is my favorite too! I'm not going to do anything with them for a couple of months but when I do I will post some updated photos!

  7. LOVE the yellow!!! The black ones are nice too!!! You must post your refinshed dressers! I cant wait to see them!!!

  8. LOVE. And I still NEED one of those pb cup cookies!!!


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