Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Fudge Bites

So, seeing how I didn't get around to making fudge around Christmas time, I thought I would get a little creative and make it for valentines day for my very be-lated neighbor gifts. What's cuter than sending hugs and kisses through Fudge. Nothing really.

For the Chocolate Fudge:
4 1/2 cups Sugar
12oz can Evaporated Milk
1 Stick Butter (8 Tbsp.)
12oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 7oz chocolate bar (I prefer the milk chocolate symphony bar)
1 7oz jar Marshmallow Cream

Pour sugar and evaporated milk into a large saucepan. (I use my large stock pot)(a stock pot for those of you who may not know is the large pot that you cook things like soup in) Bring ingredients to a boil over medium heat and boil for 10 minutes exactly. When done boiling, remove from heat and stir in remaining ingredients. Butter or grease a 9x13 pan. Let cool for 10-15 minutes then take a cookie cutter of choice and cut shapes into fudge. Before removing shapes from pan, let the fudge set up for a few hours. (I put mine in the fridge)

*You can find the Peanut Butter Fudge recipe here.

Packaging Ideas:
Wrap the fudge in tissue paper, and place in a cute box and seal with a ribbon or twine.
Place the fudge on a cute paper plate and wrap in celophane wrapping paper and seal with ribbon.


  1. Muriel,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love this idea for Valentine's Day Fudge....I'm going to look for those "X"'s and "O"'s cutters..!

  2. i lovvvvvve the way you've cut the fudge! so creative and fun! i may be making some footballs for the superbowl :)

    thanks for posting! love your blog

  3. Love this idea! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. The butter is salted or unsalted?

  5. @Ayesha- I used unsalted butter. I guess u could say it makes it a little bit healthier :)

    1. Thank you .

      Can I replace the marshmallow cream with something else? I dont know where to get them in my country.

  6. @Ayesha- unfortunately I dont think there is anything that you could replace the marshmallow cream with :( However, I did come across a pin on Pinterest the other day for Homemade Marshmallow cream. Here is the link I hope this helps! Let me know if it turns out ok! Good luck


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