Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Madly in Love with Stripes

Love the boldness of the black against the white 
Um, I will take a wall just like this please!!! Found here 
These are the colors I am thinking of doing in my house.  (via younghouselove)
So like the title states, I am madly in love with stripes. I have a bold striped yellow rug in my living room right now and you can probably bet that my 16 month old daughter is wearing some now. Love them! I have been wanting to paint stripes somewhere in my house and I am narrowing my decision down to my office or an accent wall somewhere in my home. I came across these amazing photos of stripes and its making me wish I had some right now.


  1. Love the blog!!!! I am with you SO love striped walls!!! Did it in my orem house and all I can say is LOTS of work. But worth it in the long run I guess :)

  2. I LOVE stripes too - wish I could put them somewhere in my house too and Um, LOVE your rug!

  3. Me too. I wish I could cover the walls of my whole apartment in stripes. I am obsessed.

  4. who knew i had such a cute and clever and crafty cousin! I recently had stripes painted in my dining room-LOVE them and get so many compliments-check out my pics of them on facebook OR i can email you a link to my private family blog-you know you want to see it!!
    love ya

  5. Love your blog! I know you don't know me but I found out about your blog through Sharee, she is married to my husbands cousin. Anyway, So glad you share your talents and recipes with us all!


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