Monday, May 23, 2011

Oven Baked Stew

I had been wanting to make beef stew for awhile now! I know, it's like practically summer where I am right now, but I have just been craving some major comfort food lately, and well, Beef Stew fell right into that category for me.  You'll come to realize with me that when it comes to food, Well, there really are no rules.

Like for example, I could eat pumpkin crumble any time of the year! It doesn't have to be Fall time for me to break out pumpkin desserts.  And as far as soup goes, well, I like a good soup now and again even if it is in the middle of the summer.

So when I came across this recipe over @ The Girl Who Ate Everything I knew at once that my craving was going to be fulfilled. And fulfilled fast too, cause boy, was this recipe a cinch to throw together!


1 (1oz) pkg of Dry Onion Soup Mix (I use the Lipton brand)
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Paprika
1 pound of lean Beef Stew Meat (cut into bite sized pieces)
1 can Cream of Celery Soup
1/2 cup Ketchup
2 medium sized potatoes (peeled and diced into bite sized pieces)
3 large carrots (peeled and diced)
1/2 of an onion (diced)

In a large bag, combine the seasonings and stew meat and shake until all the meat is well seasoned.  Place into a lighlty greased casserole dish and top with the sliced potato, carrots, and onion. Next mix together the ketchup and soup and pour over the top of the stew.  

Cover the casserole dish with a lid if it comes with one (if not, then just cover with foil) and bake @ *325 for 2 hours.  Serve with warm bread or a roll for dipping! 

(recipe source: The Girl Who Ate Everything)


  1. Oh my goodness - that sounds like the ultimate comfort dish - delicious, thanks for a great recipe and your so right - eat what feels good at the time!
    Mary x

  2. Mmmm sounds amazing! Your pictures are stunning!

  3. Oh, Muriel! This looks wonderfully simple and tasty!

  4. Thanks you guys! It really is so easy to make!

  5. Incredible, It's only 5:30 here and I could eat this for breakfast!!!


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